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Review: Strange Luck by Amie Irene Winters

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Author: Amie Irene Winters
Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Released: May 17, 2015

Official Synopsis:  
Hidden deep in the forest, beneath mounds of forgotten memories, lies the secret world of the Nameless - a magical realm as beautiful as it is dangerous.

Daisy Darling used to think of Sea Salt, the small mountain town she has always called home, as a boring place where nothing ever happened. Then she met a peculiar wanderer who reveals a mysterious world hidden beneath the town all along. A world where mind-bending, magical, life-altering phenomena happen. A world harboring a dark secret under its snow-capped mountains, aquamarine waters, and perfumed jungles. A world built using stolen memories.

Now that Daisy's eyes have been opened to the truth about the Nameless, there's no turning back. Driven to save the other Collectives, Daisy is pulled deeper into the world's tangled lies, finding herself ensnared in a dangerous network of tunnels and time-altering portals. Somehow Daisy must discover the strength to win back her freedom before the Nameless claims her
My Review:
Have you ever been wrapped up in your own thoughts, dreams, goals, and ambitions that the world around you seemed to disappear for what seemed like forever?  Have you ever wanted to help someone so much that you were willing to do anything in your own power to help that person?  Have you ever been so consumed by your own memories that the world around you seemed to change?  Well, that is what this book is all about.

The story is told by a girl named Daisy who has a lot going on in her life at the young age of 18.  She is becoming shop owner of the family antiques shop, she has a father with a heart condition that needs an operation, a best friend who is secretly in love with her, and the task of defeating him in the Nameless.  All of this going on around her and all she can dream about is traveling the world and writing books.

The book starts off normal enough for it being a fantasy novel, but then after some back story into some of the characters and shops items, the book turns weird, as most fantasy books do and should.  One of the items that the shop has is a letter and the story will tell you that it is not to be open by anyone other than who it is addressed to. However, it does get opened and Daisy is sent on an adventures to follow this map in hopes of saving her father.  The map was to lead her to this beautiful place where life was everlasting and all your dreams came true.  Instead the map leads her to some place entirely different, the Nameless, and she spends what feels like weeks trying to get out of the Nameless and save everyone who is trapped there.

The book was well-written, thought out, and put together in such a way that there are surprises around every corner.  The book, as unexpected as it was, had some life lessons as well about memories, how you treat others, and caring for those around you.  The book ended with a twist and definitely not in the way I had pictured, but the ending was perfect for the book.  It ended nicely, but left room to build on, especially since there is a second book in the series.

This book is an all around 5 star from the writing, to the content, to the ending.  I cannot wait to start the second novel in this series.

About the Author:
Amie Irene Winters grew up in California but now makes her home in western Pennsylvania. Along the way she earned degrees in anthropology, religious studies, and environmental studies. She is the author of the Strange Luck Series.

When not writing, she can be found hiking with her dog, baking desserts, or breaking a sweat in kickboxing class. You can learn more about Amie and her hobbies at

 I give this book:  ★★★★

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